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We carry the following categories of Great Britain Queen Victoria Line-Engraved and other occasional material:

1840 1d Black Plate 9 1840 2d Deep Blue Plate 2 1841 2d Blue Plate 4 1841 1d Red-brown SG7 Plate 11 1857 1d Rose-red C11 Plate 46

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1840 1d Black 1840 1d Black/1841 1d Red Plate 5 Matched Trio 1841 1d Red

1840 1d Blacks and 1841 1d Reds printed from 'Black Plates', SG1-3, and SG7

1841 1d Red 1844 1d Red 1852 1d Red

1841 1d Red Imperf cancelled with Maltese Cross, SG8-12

1844 1d Red Imperf cancelled with 1844 numerals, SG8-12

1852 1d Red Imperf Alphabet II, SG8-12

1854 1d Red 1855 1d Red Die II 1855 1d red Alph III 1856-57 1d Red Transitional 1857-62 1d Rose-red

1850-55 1d Red Perf Die I, SG16b, SG17-18, SG22 (SG Specialised C1-C2, inc Archers)

1855 1d Red Perf Die II, Alphabet II, SG21, SG24, SG26 etc. (SG Spec. C3-C6)

1855 1d Red Perf Die II, Alphabet III, SG29-33 etc. (Blued Paper) (SG Spec. C7-C8)

1856-57 1d Red Transitional Issues (SG Spec. C8A, C9 and blotched)

1857 1d Rose-red (shades) on White Paper, SG36, SG38-41, SG42 etc. (SG Spec. C10-C13)

1870 d Rose-red 1864 1d Rose-red 1860 1d Rose-red

1858-70 'Plate Numbers' issues, SG43-44, SG48-49, and SG51-53a (d, 1d & 1d)

1840 2d Blue 1841 2d Blue 1854 2d Blue 1858 2d Blue

1840-1869 All 2d Blue issues

1880 1s Brown 1865 4d Vermilion 1880 2d Blue 1867 10d Brown 1884 4d Green

Great Britain 'Used Abroad'

1856 6d Lilac 1896 d Vermilion 1883 6d on 6d Lilac 1915 7d Bronze-green 1913 9d Agate 1922 9d Olive-green

Miscellaneous later issues

1862 9d Bistre 1882 1 Brown-lilac 1880 1s Brown 1912 10s Blue 1880 4d Brown

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