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This page is designed to help you find your way quickly and easily around the site, and to enjoy your visit. I have also included some general information on other aspects of the hobby that may be useful, and information on other services that I provide...

We are constantly striving to make this Website user-friendly. We therefore welcome honest and constructive Feedback, and a few moments of your time would be greatly appreciated…


From the 'HOME' page, move to any other page by clicking on any of the top buttons (e.g. 'FAIRS', 'STAMPS' etc). These are designed to provide quick and easy access to all parts of the site. You can also of course use the 'BACK' arrow ç on your own browser tool-bar to find your way back to a page you wish to revisit.

All stamps listed have scans attached, just click on the image in the left-hand column. The reference number is my code for different categories, e.g. 'B' = 1d Blacks, 'BL' = 2d Blues, 'C' = Covers, 'Ri' = 1d Reds Imperforate (cancelled with 1844 numerals), 'RM' = 1d Reds cancelled with Maltese Cross, 'RP' = 1d Reds Perforate (1d 'Stars'), etc. - most are self-explanatory. Each item reference is unique, but it would shorten my search for the ordered items if you could give additional information when ordering, e.g. C10 Plate 45 'AA' etc…

Having viewed a picture, use the 'BACK' arrow ç on your browser to return to the page you were viewing. DO NOT click on the X in the top right corner of the browser - you will close the site completely!

I'm sorry, we do not stock accessories, though we can occasionally obtain specific items on request. However these are readily available from sources such as:

There is a vast body of literature and other related material used by both dealers and collectors according to their needs and particular areas of interest…

Plating is an esoteric art (some would say a science!), easy to some, utterly unfathomable to others! The following list is a brief but possibly useful list of those authorities which I use:

Plating Aid CDs are available for the following groups of plates at the modest cost of £35 each - but please note the change of numbers, adopted because of the availability of the latest CD1... Because of the size and weight of CD packages, postage costs are higher than my normal rates - please enquire...
CD1: Plating the Penny Black and Twopenny Blue
CD2: Die I Alphabet I, Plates 12 - 45 (the Maltese Cross plates)
CD3: Die I Alphabet I, Plates 46 - 90
CD4: Die I Alphabet I, Plates 91 - 131
CD5: Die I Alphabet II, Plates 132 - 177
CD6: Die I Alphabet II, (perforated C1/C2) Plates 155, 157, 162 - R6
CD7a:'The Plating of Alphabet II', A Reconstruction of Wiggins' work using stamps from Plates 1 - 21 - Wiggins' originals where available. Reduced Price: £25.00
CD7b: Die II Alphabet II (perforated C3/C6) Plates 1 - 21
CD8: Die II Alphabet III (perforated C7-C11), with Alphabet II (C13) and Alphabet IV (C12); Plates 22 - R17.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These CDs are NOT MAC compatible, but I can supply the data on memory sticks for an extra charge.

The CDs are in essence reconstructions by lettering of each group of plates, and include a considerable number of scans of stamps identified from the difficult 'missing imprimatur' positions:


The above is a sample page ('TL' from CD3), correct as of 10 January 2011 - click on picture for full size version. It must be appreciated that this is an ongoing work: new stamps from the missing imprimatur positions are constantly being identified. If you have already bought a copy of one of these CDs, and wish to have the most recent update, please return the original CD, complete with its dated label, and an updated version will be supplied for £10 only. However, it is suggested to you leave it for a few years before asking for the update! Please also note that there are PIRATED VERSIONS available on Ebay for much less - these are however several years out-of-date, so BUYER BEWARE!


This is a sample page from CD1 - click on the picture for a full size version...
Please contact me direct for further details - see link below...

The following links may also be found helpful:

I act as a plating and shades consultant for certain recognized and respected philatelic expertising bodies, and for a number of respected dealers. I also advise on issues/shades or other specialist determinations, but please note that I do not myself provide certificates: should I consider that a good certificate from one of the recognised bodies would be advisable, or indeed likely, I will advise accordingly. Please Email me in advance if you wish to avail yourself of either of these services, and I will be able to give you a realistic estimate of turn-round time according to my current workload...see CONTACT below...

I carry out valuations of single GB Line-Engraved items, small Line-Engraved lots or GB collections with a significant Line-Engraved content. This service is free if I purchase as a result. If a purchase/sale is not involved, I charge £30 per hour, plus 40p a mile travelling, plus subsistence/overnight accommodation expenses if appropriate. If a WRITTEN VALUATION REPORT for INSURANCE or PROBATE is required, the charge is an ADDITIONAL £50.00. If you wish to avail yourself of this service, go to CONTACT below...

I also provide GIFT TOKENS for spending with me, valid indefinitely, for the additional price of normal First Class Postage and Packing (£0.75), in units of £25.00, £50.00 or £100.00, or any combination of these to whatever sum you wish to give. The ideal gift for Christmas, Birthday (or any other excuse you like to name!) - just let your loved ones know! Simply order and pay in the normal way through 'ORDERING' - or give me a ring...

PLATE 5: As many of my regular customers know, I am a specialist in Plate 5 of the 1d Black (and related Red-brown printings). With the considerable help of another expert in the field, my good friend Winston Hollins, work to review our knowledge of the complexities of the many repairs to the plate has recently been completed, at least as far as currently available material permits. This work has now been incorporated into a major revision of the listings in the 1st Edition of the SG Specialised Catalogue, Volume 1 Part I, Queen Victoria (2020), which incorporates many recent new discoveries. Research however continues...!

Those who are interested in Postal History or Cancellations have their own discrete body of relevant literature. Some publications which may be found useful (in no particular order) are:
Dr J. T. Whitney: 'Collect British Postmarks'; a good basic priced guide, recently revised and updated, and re-published by Stanley Gibbons...
James A. Mackay: 'Postmarks of England and Wales'; and several other authoritative guides;
R. M. Willcocks and B. Jay: 'The Postal History of Great Britain and Ireland'; and several other authoritative guides;
Rockoff and Jackson: 'The Encyclopaedia of the Maltese Cross, a magnificent comprehensive work in three volumes;
R. C. Alcock and F. C. Holland: 'The Maltese Cross Cancellations of the United Kingdom';
R. Danzig and D. Goldsmith: 'The Cancellations of the 1841 Penny Red';
John Parmenter: several useful publications, including: 'Barred Numeral Cancellations', 'London's Postal History', 'GB Used Abroad' etc;
Richard Arundel: 'Spoon Cancels 1853-1870' and 'Irish Spoon Cancels';
C. W. Meredith: 'Scots Local Cancellations';
R. C. Alcock and F. C. Holland: 'Scots Local Cancellations'….etc, etc… The list is endless!

The best sources of Literature tend to be specialist stamp auctions, though some appear in smaller local 'generalist' auctions.

To obtain Imprimatur photographs, contact the Postal Heritage Trust. They cost some £30+ each Post Paid - ask for black and white photographs - colour photographs deteriorate in time. Some Imprimatur photographs also appear occasionally at auction…

For information, chat and discussion on all matters from trivial to major, regarding GB Line-engraved (and other issues on occasion), the Mulready group has many members, both dealers and collectors, from beginners to expert, and provides members with access to archives of scans, including Imprimatur photos - and even on occasion some learned and helpful discussion! Go to: Stamp Forums to sign on...

If you have managed to plough through all the above verbiage, and still haven't found an answer, firstly award yourself a GOLD STAR for effort and application (!), and then by all means...


Please contact me at:

Martin Jenkinson
Sturminster Stamps
PO Box 4738
Sturminster Newton
DT10 2BN, UK

Telephone: 0044 (0)1258 472720



If I can't answer your question, as the saying goes 'I probably know a man who can....'!

I hope that this relatively brief outline is of assistance. Although it does not set out to be an exhaustive 'HELP' menu (it would be a book!), it is based on our experience of the sort of questions most frequently asked. It will be kept under review for future additions as required. If there is anything else you would like to know, please go to 'Feedback'.

Martin Jenkinson.

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