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About Me
I have collected stamps for over 60 years, concentrating for most of that time on the early British Line-Engraved issues, latterly exclusively on Plate 5 of the 1d Black (and the 1d Reds printed from the plate), and am close to a complete reconstruction of the plate in all states. I was recently largely responsible (with Winston Hollins) for redrafting the section on Plate 5 in the 16th (2011) Edition of the SG Specialised Catalogue, Part 1, although corrections to errors in this (for which sadly the publishers are responsible) should appear in the next edition.

I have been in business as a dealer in these issues since early 2001, on my retirement from a previous career, and am becoming increasingly interested (and rapidly acquiring expertise!) in those issues which have not formerly been part of my collecting interest. The perforated 1d Red 'Stars' have become a strong part of my stock.

I do all my own plating (and rarely take any notice of pencilled plate numbers on the back of stamps - they are too often wrong!). I use the NPM Imprimatur photographs, my own Plating CDs, and a number of other reference works to assist in this process. For further information, which may be found helpful by those wishing to do their own plating, go to my 'HELP' page...

As a general rule, I do not obtain certificates for rarities from any of the Expertisation Committees - the cost is prohibitive, and I prefer to keep my prices sensible. Should a customer wish to obtain a certificate, it must be clearly understood that it is undertaken at the customer's own expense, and in the event of a disagreement (none of us is perfect - including the Expert Committees!), expertisation fees will NOT be refunded.

I operate strict and uncompromising standards as to condition - though I have been known on occasion to miss minor faults! I will endeavour to specify any faults found, major or minor: your pleasure and satisfaction is my aim, and the last thing I want is a disappointed customer. Far too much rubbish described as 'Fine' or 'Very Fine' is offered for sale these days, and I refuse to be part of such a practise, which to me as a retired policeman amounts to fraud! To the best of my ability, condition will always be as described - life's too short to drink bad wine!

I am always looking for good quality Line-Engraved stock, whether collections, accumulations or fine single items. I am also prepared to consider purchasing collections of more general material, if there is a significant Line-Engraved content. Prices paid will, of course, depend on condition, but in broad general terms, for average-to-fine mixed condition collections or accumulations, 10% of catalogue value will be paid. For fine items or small accumulations, prices would of course be negotiable beyond this basic figure. Where distance permits, a direct viewing will be arranged. If that is not practicable, other arrangements can be considered.

I carry out valuations, and give advice as to disposal, even if I am not buying material on offer: sadly however, in spite of having long provided this service free, if it is necessary to travel to view such material, the cost of fuel these days is such that I will have to charge travelling expenses....sorry! For further details on this service, see my 'HELP' page...

For any other information, please contact me at: Martin Jenkinson, Sturminster Stamps, PO Box 4738,Sturminster Newton, Dorset, DT10 2BN, UK
Telephone: 0044 (0)1258 472720 or

Private Sales
I no longer travel to customers' homes to provide private viewing of my stock. However, should what you want not be available on this Website, try my Budget Classics Website,

Mail Order
I carry a large stock of Line-Engraved material, on and off cover, from 1840-1870, far too much to list on this Website, and I rarely use eBay auctions these days. Whilst I concentrate on very fine-to-superb material for this Website, a stock of less than very fine is also available on my Budget Classics Website, If you cannot find what you want, I may have it in reserve stock... please enquire.

Contact me with your 'Wants' and I will do my best to supply what you seek - or I may know a man who can! Click the 'Contact' button on the toolbar above...

Mail Order/Approvals
Under normal circumstances, if I am able to meet a particular requirement, I will Email scans of items for a customer's consideration. Subject to a decision as to selection of items required, payment will be expected in advance of despatch. I will occasionally accommodate regular customers well-known to me with an APPROVAL service, when a small batch of suitable agreed items will be forwarded for consideration, normally on 14 days' approval, with a very favourable discounted rate for acceptance of all items sent.

Martin Jenkinson

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